Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Free food

I have worked with a couple of undergraduate students this summer. Often, in graduate school and now in my postdoc, there will be vendor shows or other occasions that provide free food. As a graduate student, I learned very quickly not to turn down free food (well, I still wouldn't eat meat, but...). There was a vendor show with free food over the summer and I brought over these undergrads to get the free food. Well, it turned out the free food was cake and donuts. These undergrads did not partake in the free food because they wanted to eat good lunch food. I realized two things: 1. These boys do not understand free food. 2. Mommy and Daddy always gave them money so all food for them is free. And, one of these undergrads eats more food than I think I've ever seen anyone eat in my life. He's 6'6" and I don't think he's even 200 pounds. He's a rail and he eats two meals every time he eats. I really couldn't believe it when he didn't take free dessert. I ate a free donut, and it was my lunch that day. Why am I telling this story? Because, once again, Jorge Cham hit the nail on the head with today's comic from PhD Comics: