Wednesday, October 28, 2009

long time no blog

I has been quite a while since I blogged something. Anything. I've been super busy with my postdoc and being adjunct faculty and applying for jobs. Lots of jobs. I had an interview yesterday. It went well (or at least I thought it did), but I haven't heard anything yet and he made it sound like he was going to call me last night if he wanted to schedule a second interview. So now I'm hopeful my phone will ring while constantly checking my email to see if he's sent me a rejection email. I keep going over the interview in my head wondering what I might have said that would make him not want to hire me and I cannot think of anything. Granted, the other people he interviewed may be just a better fit for the position. But I would be great! Sigh. Maybe he'll still call me. No news is good news, right?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

my wedding flowers

So, I had an awesome experience planning my wedding. The entire process was super fast and easy (especially considering I only planned it in 5 months), but I am super proud of my flowers. So much so, that even more than two months after the fact, I'm still excited about it and am now finally blogging about it.
I arranged all the flowers myself, and ordered the flowers from SunKing Wholesale Flowers. I ordered 250 assorted white roses for $169. Yes, that works out to about $0.67/rose. Yes, that is an incredible deal and too good for me to pass up. The flowers were delivered on Wednesday for our wedding on Saturday. I put the flowers in three buckets of water and stored them in my parents air conditioned bedroom (which is the coldest air conditioned room in the universe, I swear).
On Thursday evening, my mom and I dethorned the roses (just used a pair of scissors and chopped off the sharp tips of the thorns) and removed most of the leaves.
On Friday morning I arranged my bouquet and bridesmaids bouquets. I just made circles around a center rose, for the bridesmaids bouquets I made two circles around the center rose and three circles for my own bouquet. I wrapped a rubber band around the stems at the base of the flowers, trimmed the stems so that they were all the same length, and wrapped the bottom of the stems with another rubber band. I then wrapped the stems with white ribbon, securing the beginning of the ribbon with the top rubber band and the bottom with a white headed pin.
Photo by Fetcho. Just to add to my secret to saving money, something I had forgotten about but it so obvious in this photo is my hair clip - which is an antique brooch I bought on ebay and used fishing line to attach it to a small comb. Total $12. :)

My mom collected small vases at garage and rummage sales all summer long (she spent less than $30 on all these vases, some more than others, some matched and some didn't), and I had 30 vases to use for centerpieces. Since I ordered SO many roses, I was able to add three roses per vase.
Our ceremony and reception were in the same room, so all the centerpieces were on a single table during the ceremony and my wonderful family placed the flowers on the tables after the caterer arranged the tables for the reception.
This is the table of flowers before the reception (photo by Fetcho):
I also lucked out with our caterer, Classic Cafe, Inc. The food was absolutely fantastic and they were by far the best price I've ever seen for a caterer.

I am still so excited to be married, and I had so much fun planning and making things myself and just being a DIY bride (and I miss being excited about getting those amazing deals and ideas). Now, I just need to get my act together and work on thank you notes!