Monday, July 19, 2010


I had my son, Dylan John, on June 28, making him three weeks old and 3 days old! He is a wonderful little boy and I cannot believe how much I love him! He looks a LOT like me, and he has red hair! He is a very good sleeper, usually only wakes up once during the night (though sometimes he winds up awake for 2 hours which isn't fun at 4 am). I ended up having a C section (turns out I have a weird shaped pubic bone and will have to have a C section for any future children as well) and am recovering perfectly. I was having problems with my hip bothering me for at least the last three months of my pregnancy and that pain went away immediately with the delivery of Dylan. People have asked me if I miss all those baby kicks, and I haven't had time to notice that I'm not getting kicked inside anymore.

I just love him so much!