Monday, March 22, 2010


Alright, I realize I may be having a bit of a TMI moment right now, but I'm putting this out there anyway.

My child thinks my bladder is a punching bag. If my bladder gets too full and is invading baby's space, good golly does this kid put the beat down on my bladder until I drain it. I think the personality of a first child (especially my first child) is shining through already.
What a little peanut.

One of my students just said to another student "Well aren't you a smarty pants? Smarty wanna party!?" They really are hilarious.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

monthly update

apparently I am down to only blogging monthly. I'm really going to have to work on this. But, what's been happening?

1. Baby. I'm at 24 weeks. I feel baby kicking lots. It's so neat to have something moving inside me that isn't me. Baby is especially active while I'm in class. But as soon as baby's around Adam, baby stops moving. If you've ever seen Adam with a baby, you will be immediately amazed because he has an extraordinary power to lull baby to sleep. I've decided his amazing ability even works in utero. He has felt baby twice, but I know he's ready to feel more kicks and baby is just not cooperating. I have also entered that stage where I am HOT all the time. Over the winter my mom was amazed that I was spending so much time under blankets. Now, I'm hot all the time... particularly while I'm in class teaching. My students told me tonight that I'm waddling already.

2. Furthur. Was AMAZING. third row seats and totally fabulous. Phil and Bobby were fantastic. John from Dark Star Orchestra only sang three songs while we were there (he's the 'Jerry'), while most of the songs were sung by Bobby or Phil and Bobby together. I have a top ten favorite grateful dead songs (and they move up and down the list, but mostly the top ten doesn't change) and they played 2 of my top 10 - and considering the number of songs that are in the Dead repertoire, I'm amazed that I got 20% of my top ten. What are these two songs, you ask? Uncle John's Band and Scarlet Begonias. So fantastic. Which, Scarlet Begonias is extremely often combined with Fire on the Mountain in concert, and they continued that tradition this night too. Other highlights - China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider, Eyes of the World (sung by Phil), Jack Straw, Wharf Rat. We had to leave early to catch the train, and I checked out the setlist the next day. We missed Box of Rain, which is my mom's all time favorite song, and in my top ten, but we had to catch that train! Bummer, but oh well. Of course the people watching provided some entertainment. In particular, a guy was dancing like a nutso, even during intermission. My favorite was when he stuck his ticket on his forehead and danced around staring at the ceiling like the ticket was his ticket to the universe. Absolutely hilarious. I'm not really doing him justice, but believe me, he was great people watching material.

3. My dad. Broke his leg. At the bottom of his fibula. The poor guy has a boot on his foot and cannot put any weight on it. He's been pretty bummed out about it, but I went and saw him this past weekend and he has a system of using a walker, scooter, and wheelchair, so he's getting around pretty well. He's accidentally fallen twice since this happened and aggravated his leg again, but he seems to be okay. He goes to the doctor in three weeks for another x-ray and to find out if everything's healed or not. Nerve-racking!

Alright, that's all for now.