Friday, April 16, 2010

shopping for maternity clothes

today, i went out looking for something to wear to a wedding that adam and i are going to in a few weeks. jcpenney has a decent selection of maternity clothes online, so to penneys i went. I found a cute really dark blue jean skirt on clearance for $12 - so I'm feeling like I got a pretty good deal. I also tried on a bunch of maternity shirts. They all hit me mid-thigh and were so long that I just looked really short and wide in these ridiculous shirts. Each shirt I tried on would have looked great it they were at least 6 inches shorter. Apparently I'm supposed to be 6 feet tall in order to not look like a weirdo in these maternity shirts. My next step is just look for bigger regular shirts, because I am not a fan of these maternity shirts. Regular shirts don't make me look so short!