Tuesday, November 17, 2009

compliments from students

I have been teaching at a small school for 8 weeks now. I am teaching Clinical Chemistry to medical lab tech majors, a lot of which has turned out to be anatomy (and I've never taken anatomy). It is a challenge, but I am learning lots while I go along. And my students like me! How do I know? Below are some quotes direct from their mouths
  1. "That makes sense. Why couldn't YOU have been our teacher for [insert course name here]?" They have said this for more than one course. They actually say this a LOT.
  2. "I've been taught PCR before, but that was the first time I understood it."

Alright, I'm out. But those two really make me feel good. Especially the PCR one. I know that PCR is tough, and I worry that I will talk over their heads. But for PCR, I didn't! I'm really enjoying teaching, I really think I'm getting the hang of it, and on Thursday I get to talk about Amino Acids and Proteins (my favorite!).