Tuesday, June 22, 2010

38 weeks!

It has been a long 9 months, but the end is very very near and soon a baby will be here! I am uncomfortable most of the time, can't take a proper deep breath, and am so going to miss getting kicked and punched by baby. I have gone to classes, gotten a tour of the hospital, and am now waiting patiently for something else to happen. I haven't slept through the night in months, I have no dexterity in my hands and tend to drop everything, and I cannot bend over. I haven't had to deal with much swelling (some, but not much), I haven't had much heartburn (again, some, but not much), and it really has been like all the awful side effects you hear about from pregnancy skipped me (thank goodness!). I'm being induced next week, I'll know more tomorrow after I go to the doctor. I'm getting really anxious and excited. I really want to meet my little peanut!!

I also have watched quite a few movies/tv shows with people going in to labor. From what I've heard about what will happen, probably the most realistic is "Knocked Up". The goofiest is when mommy-to-be's water breaks and they rush out the door ("Friends" Rachel). I'm sorry, but if your water does break, you're not going to go anywhere without changing your clothes (when you're at home, if you're on the street you cannot do that -"Sex and the City" movie)! You have enough time for that at least. And then there's the immediate rush to the hospital because mommy-to-be had a contraction ("Sex and the City" Miranda, "Steel Magnolias" Darryl Hannah character). Contractions start long before you must rush to the hospital. 30 mins apart, then 15 mins apart, 10 mins, and no need to go to the hospital until they're 5 mins apart and that's lasted for an hour. That's a lot of contractions before needing to call the doctor or head to the hospital. In "Knocked up", Alison started having contractions and waited at home (in the bathtub) for Ben to get there and take her to the hospital. Probably the most likely thing to happen, though I would be worried about sitting in the tub and not being able to tell if my water had broken or not.

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Chris said...

We can't wait to meet (or see pictures of) baby too!

We had been to the hospital, but in the middle of the night with water broken, we were stupid and didn't know where to park and go in. Research that so you don't get your car towed like us :)