Thursday, June 25, 2009


I have been a very bad blogger lately. No reason, other than I have been doing other things:
  1. Wedding planning! We're getting down to the home stretch 1 month and 1 week to go! I have made boutonnieres for the boys (which I want to post to show off what cool things I did, but haven't taken photos yet). I am working on programs, not completely sure how I want them to be yet - or how I want to arrange them - or what to include on them. I am also thinking about what other paper things I need to make for the big day.  And I need to get yummies to put in the favor boxes. And I need to order the flowers - not a big deal, but I do need to order them, I love being low maintenance in that I just want white roses and I can order them from an online wholesaler for very cheap (works out to $0.67/rose). The only reason bridezilla is now present in my mind is because our "photographer" just informed us that his nice camera is broken and his plan was to take our wedding photos on a crappy digital camera. I would like to shove that camera to where the sun doesn't shine - or at least smack him over the head with it. But, I've asked someone with a fancy camera to save the day but if he cannot, I will try to see if I can rent a good camera for our "photographer" to use (and I will put "photographer" in quotes to describe him from now on because he no longer deserves the title of photographer).  I'm also working on making a few other things, but they are top secret!  Dress fitting was this morning - only a bustle and steaming and I won't get my dress back until 1 week 1 day before the wedding. Makes me a bit nervous, but, as the seamstress put it, less time for the dress to get wrinkled that way! 
  2. I am working on a fellowship application. Luckily it's only 5 pages + 2 pages for figures and not including references.  Spitting out a 5 page paper is a piece of cake, but being succinct and still getting the point across is difficult.  I also need to write something about being committed to cancer research for the rest of my career (which I think every biochemist wants to be committed to cancer research, research just doesn't always go in that direction - when I started my PhD I was doing cancer research, at the end it was HIV drugs and laminopathies).  And I have to finish it by mid-July to give time for boss to review because it's due August 12 and I will be on honeymoon until August 10. And my boss will be in China from July 30-August 12 (so perfect).
  3. I'm on the lookout for stories about animals kissing and other displays of affection. Also to be found by mid-July. If anyone knows of any cutsie animal PDA stories, I would love to hear them!
  4. Trying to think about honeymoon plans... anyone with must do ideas for San Francisco, I am all ears!
  5. Can I just say that 2009 is like the best year ever! With graduation and our house and our wedding, I may be a little bit crazy lumping it all in one 8 month period, but it really has just made this year incredible. Love it!

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