Friday, June 12, 2009

want to post something...

I want to post something, but I'm not sure what to say!

I've been in wedding planning mania mode and I don't want to be the type of girl that can talk about nothing but her wedding (though it is so much fun for me!). Everything's about ready, I need to order the beer and the guy at the liquor store is on vacation. I've been really crazy about looking at DIY blogs and such, getting ideas, and trying them out to only be disappointed that they don't look nearly as cool as on the blog. My most recent escapade was making tissue paper flowers - I don't know if I made it too small or just suck, but I'm not a fan (the original can be found at I was hoping to use these to decorate the stairs of the history center. I have toole to drape along the railing but am not sure what to use to secure the toole to the railing. So, I'm still looking since my tissue paper carnations suck.
I'm super psyched about our honeymoon - there's going to be a Georgia O'Keefe / Ansel Adams exhibit at the SF Museum of Modern Art ( while we're there that I cannot wait to see! I've been letting my hair grow out for the wedding and it's driving me bonkers! It gets caught on all my bags when i put them on my shoulder - I'm not used to hair being pulled out of my head every time I use a purse! I will be begging my sister-in-law to chop it off on August 2! I cannot have my hair drive me bonkers all over San Fran!

Other than that, work is okay. I'm still frustrated, I don't think it will change. I have gotten more used to some things and other things are driving me more crazy. My boss still doesn't listen. The most recent moment in which I decided he's out of his mind was when he wasted $50 because he could admit that I was right but couldn't admit that he was wrong. I convinced him that ordering something other than what he wanted was better, but then he just ordered both. It's very unlike my old boss, who would NEVER waste money - not even $2, and had no problem getting input from the graduate students on what to order. We're the ones who do the experiments, shouldn't we get the materials that make the experiments easier??

The wonderful Dr. Isis has a super interesting post up right now about scientists and rockstars. GQ recently did an ad for Geoffrey Beane suits of scientists posing with rock stars (the Rock SOS campaign is for Geoffrey Beane to donate and increase funding and awareness for medical research, which I am totally behind, you can go to to sign the petition). There has been much speculation in the blogosphere about what wrong with the ad - specifically that the scientists are all white males - but Dr. Isis finally weighed in her opinion and, while I agreed with others, I think Dr. Isis really hit the nail on the head ( The pictures are of scientists worshiping the rockstars instead of the rockstars worshiping the scientists. Or, maybe worshiping is the wrong word, how about rock stars recognizing the awesomeness that is contained within the scientists??

For not knowing what to say, I sure did babble on for a while!

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