Friday, July 17, 2009

friends are the BEST

I miss my old lab. I miss the people I worked with, I miss my boss, and I miss my project. I am going to visit them tonight for a night of ridiculous before I go visit my family tomorrow for a day of fun in the sun (or as much sun as we can get - it's supposed to be cold). It is amazing how good those kids that I worked with make me feel! They are so excited to see me, and every time I talk to them they tell me they miss me. We've been emailing back and forth and the new Mrs AL uses so many exclamation points and lots of YAYs in each email (she is quite a bit like me in how she expresses her excitement). She really just makes me so glad I met such great people, and it's hard to find people you like that much, especially at work.

I'll also say that putting together a list of friends to invite to the wedding is tough. I would like to invite every friend I've ever known, even though we haven't been in touch for a while. I'm fortunate enough that some friends I was unable to put on my list are coming as other friend's date, so I will still get to share our special day with them. But, the neat thing about making the guest list, is the realization that we get to claim so many wonderful people as our friends. Making the guest list really made me feel so blessed to have so many great friends. And when they are so excited to see me, it makes me feel even more blessed!

2 weeks and 1 day until I'm Mrs. S. H-M, PhD... so so many years in the making!

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Kaco said...

I've realized that we have to continue to change and adapt, and that even if we stayed in place, things would change around us. Future great adventures are ahead for us, and keep focused on your goals!

And that's why weddings are a great time to have a huge party!