Thursday, July 16, 2009


It's been 10 years since I graduated from high school. A LOT has changed in the past ten years, a lot has stayed the same. Luckily I'm still a redhead (though these gosh darn white hairs keep poking up out of nowhere, jerks) and I've actually learned how to manage my hair much better than I did back then, and it's long again (too long... sis-in-law will be chopping it back to grazing my shoulders on Aug 2). I'm glad I chopped my hair off right before junior year of high school, it gave me confidence that I never had before that. And I have been able to keep that confidence and run with it. I finally finished school, just 6 months shy of our reunion, but I am a Dr now (even if it's only a Dr of Philosophy, I'm still a doctor!). Having not stopped going to school since HS graduation (and I still feel like I'm in school, even though I'm not taking classes-I don't have a real job yet). I have always been on the fence about whether or not I would attend the reunion (depending on whether or not I was actually done with school, cause I did not want to entertain the line of "you're STILL in school?" questions), but now I cannot go (San Francisco will be on my mind, or maybe something else honeymoon related). I am slightly disappointed, but, at the same time, facebook has provided me with being able to find out what people are doing now, so I don't need to go! I miss some of my friends from high school and wish we'd stayed in touch better. But I would rather have a mini-reunion of those wonderful people who helped make those awkward years go faster.
What else amazes me is how little I remember about what happened in high school. A close friend once told me your brain starts leaking when you're 25. When she told me that I was not yet 25 and convinced it happened before 25. Now that I'm beyond 25, I cannot pinpoint when my brain began leaking, but it sure does drip a lot. Info just falls into the abyss and even when I'm reminded of events later, I still don't remember when those things happened.

And the little 20 yr old boy that is following me around trying to learn biochemistry and confusing everything I say said "Whoa" when I told him my 10 yr reunion was this year. Cruising for a bruisin, he is.


renita said...

I have not heard word one about my theoretical reunion. I'm not entirely sure I want to go, but it would be nice to know there will be one, right??

Lord, we're kinda old. :) I can hardly believe it's been 10 years -- which means we've known each other for 15!

Beth said...

the leaking brain becomes a gusher when you have kids :) i can barely remember last week!

Kaco said...

At least you guys are having a reunion. I agree with renita, it would be nice to know there was one. Since we didn't have one last year, they had a get together pretty informally at some bar last Christmas. and Sarah, if you did go, they would be impressed that you're a Dr. Sarah and happy for you and Mr. Adam :)