Sunday, August 15, 2010

what i've learned...

... now that I have been a mom for almost 7 weeks. It is by far the most amazing thing I have ever done. There have been some tough times and we have rolled with the punches. This is what I know:
1. Breastfeeding is amazing. It was by far the most painful part of the entire process (yes, I think it was more painful than labor). All was well and then all of the sudden when Dylan was about 1.5 weeks old, it became so painful that every time he latched on I would have to bite my finger to prevent myself from screaming in pain. And that lasted for 5 days. And then the pain was gone. Those were the hardest days for me - desperately wanting the pain to go away and feeling absolutely helpless because Dylan was hungry and I was the only one who could feed him. I was in so much pain and afraid to use the breast pump because I was told by so many people not to introduce an artificial nipple to Dylan otherwise he might not breastfeed. I finally used the breastpump and it didn't hurt at all and Dylan did okay with the bottle and still prefers me to the bottle. I really think that all the pain I was in could have been gone sooner had I tried pumping sooner because the pump really helped me heal. I did try to make myself feel better by reminding myself that it could be worse - women can develop bacterial and yeast infections and have to breastfeed with that. It didn't really help because it was still so painful. I am SO GLAD that I got through it because now everything's wonderful - the pain is completely gone and Dylan and I are working so well together. Now the problem is that he prefers me to the bottle making it difficult for anyone who's watching him when I'm not around (which makes me feel great, but I know that it's not fair for everyone else).
2. Newborn diapers leak. A LOT. Dylan has grown into Size 1 and he doesn't leak out of his diaper nearly as often now. In the newborn diapers we were getting peed on all the time because it was just coming out of the top of the diaper. Not to mention when we were changing him the pee would fly.
3. Be careful when changing them. Because they will poo on you. And breastfed baby poo is projectile. We've all been pooed on while wiping Dylan's toosh. Runny projectile poo. Awesome.
4. I cannot carry on a conversation without talking about breastfeeding and baby excrement. Obviously, considering this blog post.
5. I love love love out baby bouncer - it's like having a baby sitter when no one else is around! The chair vibrates which is so super soothing to the baby. We have the FP Precious Planet Khaki Sands bouncer.
6. I love our bassinet. It vibrates and plays different sounds - the best being the sound of a heartbeat. It helps him fall asleep without being in our arms (though sometimes we have to hold him). We have the First Years Carry Me Near bassinet. And if we take the bassinet part off, a changing table is underneath. I will say that the bassinet part is SO heavy without Dylan in it that I would never carry it around like they claim you can. And, sometimes Dylan will start waking up, and I have to be honest, I hit the vibrate button on the bassinet and he will fall back asleep. It's like a snooze button on the baby. And sometimes just what I need to completely wake up and feed him. I love it!
7. You really do need a ton of onesies. And he really does wear several a day. Because he spits up all over them and then they're soaked. Luckily we have so many super cute ones. And we get to see him in all of them!
8. I LOVE MY BABY. I want to look at him all the time, and am constantly amazed that something so small and perfect and beautiful is all mine. And I like to look at all his different parts and decide if they're Adam's or mine. He definitely has Adam's fingers and toes. He has my chin, nose, ears, and red hair. He has Adam's forehead. I cannot decide whose eyes he has. Yesterday was the first time I thought he looked like he has Adam's shoulders. And he's ours. So much love!

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