Monday, November 8, 2010

what i have learned about diapers

Of course, everyone has a different opinion about diapers, but I thought I would share mine (that's what blogs are for anyway, right?).

Of course, now that there is a little one in our midst, we are constantly trying to save money. I have found that using store brand diapers is a great way to save. All diapers leak every once in a while. I have found no diaper that leaks more or less than any other - expensive brand or store brand. When Dylan was a week old, every diaper leaked because of having to put vaseline in the diaper. Once the vaseline stopped, the leaking decreased a lot, and once we moved out of the newborn size diaper the leaking decreased even more. So, now, number two diapers leak every once in a while but number ones I think have only leaked twice in the past two months. No matter what brand. So, now for how I feel about those brands:
1. Pampers - are great but expensive. 40 diapers is $10 not on sale (of course, they do go on sale and it is usually pretty easy to find coupons - including in every package) They even make a cheaper diaper and a more expensive diaper. There is a difference, but not really worth the price in my opinion.
2. Huggies - suck. (and are expensive, same price as Pampers) They're thick, they fold back on themselves so they're not nice and easy to wrap up before throwing in the garbage, and I all in all do not like them.
3. Luvs - are comparable to the Pampers cheaper diaper. They're alright but still on the expensive side (a little cheaper than Pampers and Huggies, but not enough).
3. Up and Up (Target brand) - are awesome. They are thin like Pampers but $6 for 40 diapers (I'm still talking size 2s, Little man is still skinny!)
4. Comforts (Kroger brand) - are alright. They are a little bit thicker (not as thick as Huggies though), and they are cheaper than Target brand.

All in all, I think I will probably mostly use Target brand (plus they are polka dot diapers, you can't go wrong with polka dots). The name brand diapers also have characters that you have to pay for (Sesame Street, Winnie the Pooh, and Blue's Clues). Seriously, your little one's excrement is being collected in these things, why do you need to decorate them with fancy logos. Polka dots are awesome and apparently save me $4 a package.

As for wipes, I really like Comforts (Kroger brand). They're thicker than Pampers but they pop out of the container like Pampers (they're folded like Kleenex tissues). Huggies are scored and so you often pull out more than one wipe (annoying). BUT, the Huggies wipes container is the best.

Long story short: Buy Target Diapers, a container of Huggies wipes, and then Kroger wipes refills.


Chris said...

We also use Target diapers! They are good and cheap. We also use their wipes.

Beth said...

Love love LOVE Target diapers! Only wish we had found them sooner!