Thursday, January 14, 2010


My grandfather (my mom's dad) passed away on Tuesday. He was 92. He had fantastic handwriting. He liked to sing, especially Irish songs - I think one of his favorites was "Oh Danny Boy." Whenever anyone offered him another drink (beer years ago, pop now), he would say, "Just one more, then I have to go." Or he would say, "I'll split it with you," and he would split the next one with you too. His favorite drink was a Bloody Mary. He loved to tell jokes, jokes that were so corny they were funny. At Poppie's 90th birthday party, there was a clown at the restaurant making balloon animals. The clown made a balloon hat for Poppie and he donned that hat with such pride, enjoying every minute of his party.
When I told him I was having a baby he clapped and bounced (as much as a 92 year old can bounce), making him the second most fun person to tell I was having a baby (Adam was the first). Everything about him was so sweet and funny. He sent cards for Left Hander's Day (August 13) to the four people in the family who are left-handed, myself included. He would always marvel at my eating, since I used my left hand to do it.
I found my last birthday card from him this morning. It said "Granddaughter, whereever you go, whatever you do.... my love will forever be with you." I'm sure it made me cry a little when I got it, but I immediately forgot what it said. Needless to say, when I read that this morning the tears wouldn't stop.
I will miss him always, but he is finally reunited with my grandmother again, after 26.5 years apart.

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