Saturday, June 18, 2011

1 year later....

A year ago, I was waiting, trying to be patient, for my water to either break while i was in class or for my scheduled induction. My little man was born 51 weeks ago and it has been such an amazing wild ride so far. I never thought I would love being a mom this much, but it really is the best job I could have ever had. My little man is the sweetest peanut and I love him SO much! He has gorgeous red hair, big blue eyes, and the sweetest disposition (most of the time). He makes the funniest faces, loves the dog, and chases her everywhere he can. He crawls very fast most of the time, but sometimes he crawls very slowly - so slowly in fact, it looks like he should be saying "fee, fie, foe, fum" and it cracks me up. He pulls himself up to stand and can walk around furniture. Adam says he took three accidental steps toward him the other night while I was at work (typical!), but I have yet to see anything more than a half of an accidental step. He says "Mama" "baba" "dada" "byebye" (though byebye and baba are very similar) and any combination of those consonants. I think he only really knows me as mama, I don't think he calls adam dada yet and sometimes he might be saying byebye when he waves, i don't think he knows what that means yet either. He learns something new every day. It is so neat to watch him think and observe this new world of his. He also makes a 'g' sound when he sees a goose (sometimes). He's figuring it all out and it is so awesome.

Next week we will have a 1 year old. I just can't believe it. The past year has flown by so stinking fast!

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