Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Happenings in our lives

1. We have a one year old. He cannot walk yet, but he walks while pushing around toys with wheels. When he cannot walk anymore, he gets very frustrated and mad. Also, more time standing on his two feet means more falling. And more falling means more crying. He is the cutest little guy. He is also getting way more talkative. Gibberish, but the cutest gibberish ever.
2. I am starting a new job next week with Western Governors University. I will be in training for 12 weeks but then I will work from home! WGU is an online university and I will be a course mentor, helping future teachers with their chemistry courses. I am super excited to finally have a job where I will work full time and have benefits!
3. WGU is sending me to Salt Lake City for a conference. I have never spent the night away from Dylan and I am going to be in SLC for 5 days. I am handling it okay, I think, but when he's being super cute, it makes me cry. Hopefully I will be so busy I don't have a chance to think about how much I'll be missing my little man. And hopefully I don't start crying in front of all my new coworkers.
4. Adam is still recovering from his surgery that he had back in March. The pressure sore is finally healing, but he cannot work until it stops draining. Which basically means he doesn't have any idea when he'll be able to go back to work. Grumble.
5. Spunky is still a sweet dog, and while she is very apprehensive of Dylan, she gives him a kiss and runs away. Dylan thinks she's hilarious and often when he's crying uncontrollably, Spunky can come over and give him a kiss and he's okay. Instead of mommy kissing it to make it better, the dog does. At least someone in the house has the magic touch.

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Chris said...

As for #3, the hardest part is the first minute you walk away from him. I found it easier to get a cab and me walk away than them come to the airport and them walk away. Just bring things to read on the airplane! And good luck!