Friday, May 15, 2009

escapades at the service center

This morning I did my duty to maintain my car and brought it in to the car dealer for an oil change. This was my first time to bring it in since moving and I am slightly peeved. I was apparently totally spoiled at school, where the dealer service department 1. mailed me coupons every few months to take money off my oil change and 2. stamped a card so that for every 4 oil changes I got one free. And, not only did they mail me coupons, they would provide me with a coupon if I forgot to bring it. Pretty much, I got at least 10% off any service they performed on my car. This morning, I had them change the oil and deal with the squeaky brake problem I've been having for years but has gotten worse in the past couple of months (when I let up on the brake it would squeak, and not all the time, just often enough that it was annoying, and it was not scary because the brakes themselves worked fine). That was over $80. No coupons. WTF. And they do not stamp a card for buy 4 get 1 oil changes. Both places are owned by the same guy! And the card from the dealer at school even says on it that it is accepted at all dealerships. What a lie. Just because it is a big city, apparently they don't believe in coupons, they don't offer deals, and they charge more for each oil change! And they don't offer coupons for the random other services either. If I don't start to get coupons in the mail now that they have my address, I'm going somewhere else. At least for oil changes. I went into a non-dealer to have them fix my air conditioner once (a national chain) and they informed me that the problem was with my computer and it would be over $800 to fix. I walked right out the door and went to the dealer. They fixed my AC for $150 and I have gone nowhere but the dealer ever since. I know they over charge, but they fix the right things. Now that I don't get free oil changes, I might just have to go somewhere else!

Now, I'm not going to rant about the dealer anymore... but I will add one little thing about the guy sitting next to me in the waiting room. 1. Don't call someone and talk as loud as you can so that no one can hear the TV, even if you are speaking in a language no one can understand. It is rude, if you must call people, go to another room, or at least talk quietly. 2. Bringing a book to read is a great way to pass the time while waiting. Humming while reading, not a good way to pass the time.

At least my car is happy now... despite my crazy morning.

Happy Friday!


Sarah said...

Oh silly Sarah! I love you! You were spoiled at your old place, but I wish there were more places like that! You're funny...thanks, you just made me smile for like, the first time in 2 days!!

Lisa Leggett said...

Blech, I hate having to have my car worked on. Waiting for them to drop the price on you is the worst! I think they enjoy it too, the buggers!
Had a great time at the Dead show the other night, Bob was amazing even though he forgot the words to Scarlet Begonias :) It's all good, Jerry forgot the words all the time, heehee. Anyway, I wrote a little bloggie about it, just spreading the word.
Have a grateful day!