Monday, May 18, 2009

random people

Adam always has the strangest interactions with people. I don't know why random people seem to seek Adam out and then be weird around him, but they do. Yesterday, Adam and I were at dinner for a little date night and Adam had on a Yankees hat (boo, I do not like). These random woman poked him in the back and started giving him the business because she wants the Twins to beat the Yankees. I couldn't hear anything she said, and Adam was just trying to get her to go away. Once she finally did go away, Adam tells me, "She scared the crap outta me when she poked me, I almost punched her in the head."

Seriously, random people, leave the big guy alone. He may be a big teddy bear, but he can turn on you in an instant, especially when you poke him!

On another note, we got Adam's wedding band yesterday. We went to dinner from the jewelry store and didn't want to leave the ring in the car, so he wore it to dinner. Seeing his ring on his hand was such a neat feeling for me, one I wasn't really expecting, but it really made me smile. 75 days! (No, I am not really counting down the days, is, the last time I looked it was in the 80s and I don't remember what exactly)


Sarah said...

Yankees are #1!! Adam just went up a notch in my book!!

Beth said...

I agree w/you - boo Yankees.