Wednesday, May 13, 2009

falling down gracefully

This morning there was a segment on falling on Good Morning America. I tried to really pay attention because I fall A LOT. Apparently, there is a lab at Univ of Ill-Chicago that studies the motion and force when people are falling (whether slipping on grease or tripping over a bar). They strap people up to a harness and guide them across a room that may or may not have a falling obstacle. I though they would tell us on GMA how to fall gracefully, or at least how to limit the number of times we fall or lessen the consequences. Either I missed it, or they ended the story saying if you want find out how to fall gracefully you have to go to UofI-Chicago and have them teach you. I think they need to include a hole in the ground as an instigator of the falling - that's usually what I fall in. A hole in the grass, a hole in the street, I usually seem to find them and fall down. Not to mention my lovely graceful moment of ice skating retardedness, which I am still paying for 1.5 years later and my ankle will probably never be the same. It's still swollen and still hurts at times. AH, do I have skills. My most recent fall? Right off the treadmill I bought at a garage sale for $30. It was moving across the floor and I realized I was getting pretty close to the TV. I turned around to see if I really was moving toward the TV and somehow I fell off. I had a 2lb weight in my hand. I landed on the weight and now I have a weight shaped bruise on the side of my leg. Now that it doesn't hurt so much I am not quite so embarrassed to tell the world about my falling skills. I have decided that my bones must be super strong because with all this falling, I've never broken a bone. I've stretched every possble ligament and tendon in my ankle, but the bones stayed intact. I'm still not sure how that happened. I guess it's a good thing I drank so much milk when I was small - I think that I had at least a glass of milk with every meal.

So I've rambled on, and at the end, I still don't know what the best way to fall is and I don't know how to prevent myself from falling so much.

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Sarah said...

Maybe you should practice walking in your wedding dress before the wedding. Or atleast in the shoes! Just a thought...