Monday, February 9, 2009

email please

I have been a postdoc for a week. I still do not have a logon for the computer system/email. EVERYTHING in the lab is on computer, including my notebook. So, in order for me to do anything, I have to ask labmates to logon to computers. Without a login, I cannot use the internet on my laptop if I bring my laptop into the lab. For some reason, this lack of a login also prevents me from getting my packet from human resources to pick out my benefits package (which I have to sign up for 30 days following getting hired or I do not get to have health insurance) and it prevents me from being able to get a ID badge. I'm completely confused as to why this whole series of events was not set in motion sometime in the 4 months since I accepted the position. Or 2 months ago when they did the background check. I am completely confused as to why this wasn't taken care of before my first day of work and I am totally annoyed that nothing has been taken care of a week later. They didn't even have my employee ID number on my first day. Luckily I got a number on my second day, because without that number I wouldn't have been able to get a parking pass. I am totally annoyed and there is nothing I can do. I go and ask the secretary every day for an update, and I think I am just annoying the crap out of her.
I like to be in control. I am currently feeling completely out of control. I do not know how to regain control except to wait. I do not like to wait, especially when it comes to picking out insurance. I need control!!!

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Chris said...

This is unfortunately quite common. It takes fore-thought on management's part to actually start the process before you get there, which people don't usually do. The quickest way to get results is not the AA, it is HR. Complain to HR that you will not be able to select health care and they may be your best bet on getting that ID number. Although frustrated, be nice to them. Good luck!