Monday, February 16, 2009

newness of things

This is the beginning of my third week as a post doc. On Friday I FINALLY got my email address and am therefore able to log into the lab computers. Tomorrow I will go to a meeting to help me pick out my benefits (yay health insurance). Things are finally beginning to come together.
But, as I work to get all my paperwork taken care of, I also have lots of learning to do in the lab. Everyone has been super duper nice and helpful. I am doing lots of things I've never done before, using equipment I've never used before, and all around I think I am going to become that much more marketable when I'm done here. The interesting (irritating) thing is that all of our notebooks are on computer. The boss and other labmates can look at everyone elses notebook at any time. While, in my old lab, anyone could look at my notebook at any time, I generally knew that they were. Now, the boss rearranges our notebooks, because he can, them being on the computer. Then he converts them to pdf. He even accidentally deleted some of my notebook things. And he told me I was doing it wrong, to look at everyone else's to find out the best way to set up my enotebook. This is trying my patience. I know I will have to suck it up and get used to it. This is how my new boss operates. It is so so so different than it was before, and this is probably good for me. It's really really really going to take some getting used to though. And I so miss writing in a notebook, I like my handwriting and enjoy writing. And using colorful pens. It would make me cringe whenever my phd advisor would write in my notebook, but at least she couldn't more the pages around, give them a new title, and put them in an entirely different folder.

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