Sunday, February 1, 2009

snap cup!

I am watching Legally Blonde 2. This movie is ridiculous, but it does make an interesting point. Elle introduces the snap cup to her coworkers. Everyone writes down a compliment about one of their coworkers and puts it in the snap cup to read aloud. So, writing it down and then reading it out loud is a bit silly, but the idea of complimenting coworkers is so good. Can you imagine how much better a working environment might be if everyone tried to compliment each other every day?? I know that there are days when everyone just seems really annoying and it feels impossible to think nice thoughts, but they might not be so annoying if you do recognize a good quality. In fact, recognition of good qualities in others might make every day better.
I'm really thinking out loud about how I should be. I'm starting a new job tomorrow, I need to be on my best behavior! And I need to think good thoughts about everyone. And maybe it will be contagious and then people will think good thoughts about other people too!

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