Monday, February 2, 2009

i love my nephew

my mom told me a fantastic story about my little nephew tonight. that 19 month old bundle of cuteness knows me! i don't get to see him nearly as often as i like, and he seems to like my dog more than me, but his mom had a picture of my family and she asked him who aunt sarah was, and he point at me and SAID MY NAME! I so so so wish I could have been there to see that!! And I really think that might be the best thing that's happened in the past few weeks... and so so many awesome things have happened!!

he is so so so gosh darn cute. the last time I saw him was Christmas time, and I had my camera out to take his picture if he did anything cute. and oh did he ever:

eli up close and personal. not because i got close to him, but because he saw the camera and wanted to be as close to it as possible, apparently.

as if finally being a phd and finally starting to work on something new wasn't awesome enough...

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