Tuesday, March 17, 2009

the importance of grammar...

I feel like everywhere I go, everything I read, there are typos EVERYWHERE. I cannot correct everyone. I cannot even correct most typos I see. It is making me crazy. Really and truly, it hurts my eyes. When I see typos on facebook (ie: what does they have in common, your awesome, their you go etc), I want to scream, but I ignore. But when I'm given a paper to review that has been submitted for publication that is covered in typos, I want to offer my services for a hefty fee. The person I am considering to cater my wedding has a website covered in typos. I'm really considering offering my proofreading services for a discount on food. Not that they would do it, but their website is driving me nuts! And their typos are super easily fixed because it's mostly just mispellings. Hopefully their typo problem has nothing to do with how good they make food! I may be losing my mind, but typos, whether they be spelling or grammar, pop off the page and hurt my eyes.

I actually think I am beginning to enjoy proofreading. If anyone out there needs some fresh eyes on something they've written, send it my way! I am constantly searching for typos without even trying! I wonder if someone will hire me to search for typos. I could totally do it! And if anyone doesn't know what is wrong with my examples above, please ask, I would love to let you know and prevent a few grammatical errors from entering the universe!
Alright, I'm crazy, but I'm okay with it.

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Kaco said...

Sarah, don't think your wedding people wouldn't make a typo. My (biggest) bridezilla moment was not finding that the people spelled 'congradulations' AND my name wrong on a sign at our reception. Rather, it was after I took it down and hid it, then to only find someone found it and hung it up. She was proud to tell me that she hung it back up. The sign only had four words on it, by the way.