Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Now, I am super excited to have a job. In this crappy economy everyone is struggling, even PhDs. But I am feeling suffocated by a-holes.
I found out yesterday that a postdoc that has been in the lab for over two years cannot purify protein and that the female graduate student in the lab has to purify it for him. For the research that we are doing, we CANNOT do anything without pure protein. Period. So, he could not do anything without this graduate student starting everything for him. To me, that is 1. very shady and 2. bullsh*t. It takes days to purify, and this poor graduate student spends days getting protein to give away, bull. The other thing about this postdoc, which makes this whole someone else purifying his protein thing even stranger, is that whenever anyone needs anything and he has it made, his response is "you can use it, if you trust it." Now, I think this is extremely strange in the simple fact that he wouldn't make the wrong thing and sabotage his own experiments. But it also makes me realize that he doesn't trust anyone else. YET he uses purified protein made by someone else. Granted, it's easy to determine its good protein because it wouldn't have any activity if it was bad, but what the heck. "if you trust it" is this postdoc's favorite phrase and it is annoying and rude. Maybe it is his way of preventing anyone else from using his stuff. It's still so strange.

And today, another crappy group meeting. But this time I got yelled at. Not really really yelled at, but yelled at enough to make me want to slug my boss. He does not listen to a word I say and then yells at me. And then I repeat myself and he says "whatever". His favorite f-ing word is "whatever".

I am being suffocated by a-holes that go around saying "if you trust it" and "whatever" with intermittent smoker's coughs and throat clears that make me sick to my stomach.

And, being the only American, and an American that pays attention to typos and grammatical errors, I am being tortured constantly. Do I correct my boss? Do I let it go?? Most of the time when I do correct him, he just says okay, but he even combats my corrections. I went to a Catholic elementary school, they start pounding grammar in immediately, I know what I'm talking about. ROAR!

I need a drink...

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