Wednesday, March 18, 2009

wedding planning

After 9 years, Adam and I are finally getting married. We've bought a house together, probably we should tie the knot too. This is not exactly a shotgun wedding, and there are no buns in any one's oven, but it is being planned rather quickly.

We will be getting married at the FW History Center. It was originally a courthouse and was built in the 1890s. It is this awesome old building and our reception will be in the original courtroom - which is a giant room is 30-40 ft high celings and windows all the way up the wall. I am so excited about the place! I have a dress and 3 of 4 bridesmaids have dresses, the tuxedos have been picked out, and I cannot believe things are coming together so quickly! We have someone to marry us, we are meeting with our probably caterer this weekend, and if the liquor store reception booker man would call me back I could order the booze!

I am having a hard time finding the perfect invitation. And the perfect shoe. Both of which are, I think, going to be fun shopping for. But the invitation I need to shop for and find soon... and I keep having days like today, it's almost midnight and I'm still in the lab. I cannot shop for invitations or shoes in the lab. I can poke around on the internet, but I need to see things in person to make a decision. Since I want to print my own invitations, I have been on the look out for invitation kits. The Flower Factory had a kit that I liked, but they only had one and I need two! Of course. They had a kit that they had lots of and I did NOT like it. Sigh... I've heard of a few other places that are good and I will have to check them out... if the lab doesn't eat me alive.

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Kaco said...

some of the ones online you can get samples sent to you.