Friday, March 20, 2009

science nerd or social butterfly?

So, my old lab was a rare bird of friendliness and talkativeness. We laughed (loudly at times), we played music (which induced dancing at times), and it was fun to go to work. Mostly, it was fun because we made it fun. I believe that Mary Poppins had it right when she said that in every chore there is to be done, there is an element of fun. And SNAP! the job's a game! That's how we rolled in my old lab (for the most part). My new lab, there is no laughing, no talking, no music. I was shhhhed for laughing in another person's lab earlier this week (by my labmate, not a person in the other lab). Have I entered a realm of science in which I cannot laugh?? Because I LOVE TO LAUGH (another Mary Poppins song, what is happening to me), and I refuse to stop. How in the world do I get past the shhhers of the universe so that I can be myself??

Have I entered the wrong profession just because I am too social for other scientists to handle? Because if they cannot handle my laughing, maybe they should join in, they'd feel better.

I met a man with a wooden leg named Smith. Oh really, what was the name of his other leg?



Chris said...

You will be fine; it is tough realizing for the first time that work sucks the life out of you, whatever the reason may be.

Beth said...

I was just telling Tony tonight that I wish I could SNAP and the toys would walk to their places! We are on the same wavelength today. :) You stay your happy self and maybe someone will catch on!

Sarah said...

No need to worry! Stay happy and laughy and undoubtedly there will come a day when you end up right where you should be in a very loud, very fun lab! And if that day does not come soon enough, maybe you'll have to open your own lab!! I'll be your fun secretary & we can laugh all day long!! Anyways, shouldn't all PhDs know that LAUGHTER is the best medicine?!