Wednesday, April 1, 2009

wedding shoe shopping!

So, I am thinking that I will probably wear silver shoes for my wedding (I would never wear a white shoe again). I have actually found some cute shoes at Payless (for $18), but I am still looking for something that I might like better. For $18, I would not feel guilty if I do find something I like better. SO, my online shoe search extravaganza has me really looking at everything but silver shoes.
Carlos Santana Pounce Printed Satin Peep Toe Pumps $49.99 at How awesome are these shoes!? They're like tie-dye, but WAY better!

Zinc Cliff Suede Studded Wedge Sandal 39.99 at I am salivating over those colored striped heels!

Martinez Valero Willow Printed Satin Slingback $79.99 at

The only problem with all of these shoes is that I would break my neck trying to wear them. Or wish my neck was broken so that my feet wouldn't hurt anymore. I need to focus on wedding shoes that I can wear instead of these super colorful beauties that I cannot wear. Sigh...

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