Tuesday, April 21, 2009

wedding shoes

So, I have now purchased two pairs of possible wedding shoes. And because I am a fabulous shopper, I have only spent $40 on these two pairs of shoes. Drumroll please......

From Payless Shoe Source, Predictions Hutton in Silver, $19.99

And from dsw.com, Caparros Kacey in Ivory Silk, $44.45 and after lots o coupons, $20.

Since my matron of honor is Kacey, the Kacey shoes have a lot more cool points, and I had to buy them since they actually spelled Kacey correctly (instead of Casey or Kasey boo). I think that the Kacey shoes are my wedding shoes. What do you guys think?? The other bit of info is that the Kacey shoes are taller, making my wedding dress drag on the ground less, but making my feet hurt more (possibly) unless cheap payless shoes are what make my feet hurt more.
Thoughts??? Please leave comments!

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Kaco said...

I'm not biased - wait, yes I am - but I do think the Kacey shoes look more like bride shoes. Either way I might be interested in the other pair you don't pick.

- your MOH