Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a new puppy??

Adam and I have been puppy sitting for the past few days for a hilarious beagle whose tounge is so long it does not fit in his mouth. Spunky and Riley have been playing like little monsters and snuggling like monsters. Our mortgage person is super involved at the humane society and I happened to mention to her at our closing that we were interested in possibly getting another beagle (or beagle mix). Well, she has been emailing me about a darling little beagle mix who is so freaking cute and now I am having a hard time deciding if I want to see her. I know if I go to see her I will want her. Adam wants me to really think about it before I just say let's get another dog, but gosh she is too cute. She's about 4-5 months old, so we would have to house break her (ick) and deal with puppy teething/chewing issues, which isn't something I wanted to have to deal with, but she is so so cute!

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Sarah said...

I agree with Adam. Think long and hard about it. I have 3 dogs & it sucks sometimes! I also agree with you that if you go to see the puppy, you'll want it. But I personally think that you should go see it & not get it. But if you do that you have to tell yourself there is NO WAY I can take this puppy home. & stick to it. They are a lot of fun, but so very needy. and they pee everywhere when you have more than one!!