Tuesday, January 27, 2009

through the eyes of my cousin..

With the fancy facebook messaging that is now available, I talk to my much younger cousin much more often than I ever used to. He is a freshman in undergrad and I think enjoys making me feel old. During my stressful period of finishing experiments and writing he posed the question of me: "How many credit hours do you have?" Well, my initial guess was 400. I don't really know, because I don't remember how many credit hours I had when I graduated from undergrad, and I only have 20 credit hours of classes in grad school but a ton of research hours. Well, his most recent question of me: "How long was your thesis?" At the time, it was at 150 pages, I have a few things to add, it will be longer when I deposit on Friday, but I think when I told him 150 pages he might have fallen out of his chair. I realize I have been a bit crazy to have gone to school for so long, and we'll have to see if it actually pays off and I end up doing a job I love, but cousin's questions really make me laugh.

Ok, yesterday my enter key wasn't working very well. Today, my space bar isn't working very well. What theheck isgoingon?? See! I didn't fixit! So strange...

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