Thursday, January 15, 2009

Seven Days to PhD Day

I was going though data tonight trying to find the best pictures to include in my thesis (that is due tomorrow) and I realized I never did a very important experiment. So, at 9:oo tonight, I began said experiment. Then realized I didn't do another very important and somewhat related experiment. And started that one at 11:00. The 9:00 one will be done soon. The 11:00 one I will be working on all night long. Luckily there are wait periods (like right now) so that I can continue writing. What I should be writing, not this silliness. But I needed to just say out loud: ONE MORE WEEK!

And, as I have learned from Dr. Isis, I am going to end this post with an Open Letter:

An Open Letter to the Janitor:

Dear Janitor,

If I am wearing gloves, frantically adding lots of liquids to tubes, doing many things that require much focus, do not try to talk to me. I am busy. I cannot give you any attention, much less the undivided attention that you require because you have a very thick accent. I do not need to hear about how big your ass is or how much you hate the weather because it makes a mess on your floors. My thesis is due tomorrow and I'm not going to sleep tonight. Maybe on your planet that means you should bother me, but on my planet that means go away. I have to get back to work. And if you don't get out of my way I will trample you.

Thank you,

Seeree PhD in one week.

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