Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I experience extreme joy when I save lots of money at the grocery store. I love that they tell you what percent you saved on your order at the bottom of your receipt, and yesterday I save 62%! I'm thrilled if I reach 40%, so obviously I was very successful at the store yesterday. And part of the reason for my success:
Both of these websites offer coupons that they automatically load on your kroger card. I believe shortcuts.com loads the coupons on both the kroger card and marsh card and you can redeem them at either store. I digress, you don't have to clip a single coupon, you just tell the website which ones you want and they are on your card. Then you get a super fun email the next day letting you know that you redeemed some coupons and how much you've saved so far. So far I think I've saved $9. And you know what that $9 went to? The shoes that altered my universe!
Also, upromise.com offers ecoupons that they also load on your kroger and marsh cards, but instead of taking money off your bill, the money is saved for college. upromise.com can be used to pay on salliemae loans. link your loan and voila, you are on your way to paying off those pesky things! yes!

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