Tuesday, November 25, 2008

used book stores!

I have been in love with used book stores for at least 15 years (no surprise, I love being around books, why else would I have worked in a library for 6 years and enjoyed it most of the time). At used book stores, you never know what you will find, and you can trade in old books and get new ones (to you). It is a wonderful idea and so much cheaper! New books are ridiculously expensive, especially baby books. A few pieces of cardboard glued together and that's $8-$10? My nephew has LOTS of books and most of them are either from used book stores or garage sales. He actually has a new book that is one of those pet the animal books, and there is a toucan in the book. The toucan has a very shiny nose, and baby likes to kiss the toucan on the nose. It's hilarious, but I'm getting off topic.
Used book stores! I went to a used book store on campus yesterday in search of "the Nutcracker." My cousin is in the ballet this Christmas (Joffrey ballet's production in Chicago) and my grandpa doesn't know the story, so my mom wanted the book so that he can know what's happening before going to the ballet. At the used book store, I stumped the worker at first, but then he found not just one but two Nutcracker books, and those two books were less than $10! So fabulous!
So, maybe with the crappy economy, save money and buy used books, you will find what you're looking for, and maybe something else, too! For less than you would spend on new books!

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Kaco said...

good idea! libraries are good too!