Monday, November 10, 2008

what to buy

After spending a few hours walking through our new house on Friday during the inspection, I now have a long list of things that we will need to buy. Some things we will need right away (towel racks for the bathrooms, fire extinguisher, curtains, area rugs), others not until the spring (lawn mower, screens), and then there are the things that I want but will have to wait (recliners, a new bed, a new dining room table). And what is helping us so much through all of this? The economy having gone down the tubes, all sorts of stores are closing. It is really scary, but so helpful for us to get good deals (hopefully). Linens N Things, Value City, and Circuit City are all closing. Bring on the liquidation sales! Though I doubt I will find anything I need at Circuit City, stuff I want, but not need, and I need to focus on what I NEED right now.. shucks! And I don't need a giant HDTV.

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Beth said...

are you still making any rugs for your house?
my mom and i are hitting up linens and things tomorrow - looking for some good deals for Christmas gifts!