Sunday, November 16, 2008

hello from spunky

My mommy has never let me use the computer before, but I have a lot to say.
First of all, mom cooked some chicken dish for dad's birthday tonight and didn't give me any chicken. The entire house smells like chicken and it is makes me very hungry and I'm drooling all over the floor. After this weekend, I thought that she would reward me for being so good with some chicken, but she hasn't.
And this weekend, she took me to this place she calls "grandma and grandpa's". That grandma person cooks a lot and always lets me lick the bowl or plate. She's the best. Grandpa is kinda grumpy and doesn't pet me a lot. I even jumped in his lap to help warm him up to me, but he just knocked me down. I haven't figured him out yet. But, then, this small person came over, he's the same size as me and chases me all over the place. When I try to relax he runs toward me and tends to flail his arms at my face. Everyone keeps telling me to be nice, but what about him! I give him kisses and he laughs, and then everyone else laughs, so I suppose that small person is okay. He gets a whole lot of attention, everyone follows him around the house, even MY mommy. He does throw food and get in trouble, but then I get the food. I got lots of cheerios and even some sausage this morning. All in all, I had a nice weekend, but I need some chicken to show for it!

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Kaco said...

what great typing skills you have, Spunky