Saturday, October 18, 2008


Adam is finally a certified surgical tech! The exam was yesterday, and I was in a conference completely unable to pay attention. After each speaker was finished and started to field questions, I snuck out to call him again. And again. I new he had to be close to finished, so I just turned my phone on vibrate, then checked it every two minutes. The talk was about serotonin transporters, which I would normally pay attention to because it is interesting stuff, but nothing could have taken my attention away from that phone. In the middle of the talk Adam finally called. He passed and starts back in surgery on Monday! He is so so excited. My mom said that he is having such a great month, with getting a deer and passing his test. Hopefully the luck passes to us finding a house. We will be heading to Indy sometime in the next two weeks, hopefully we can find an amazing house quickly.

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