Sunday, October 12, 2008

down with fox news

On Friday at a town hall meeting, McCain was forced to undo some of the damage that has been done by Fox News and other republican news sources against Obama. The McCain supporters in this town hall meeting booed at the sound of Obama's name. One man that was given McCain's microphone told McCain that he is afraid of an Obama presidency. When McCain told the man he does not have to be afraid of an Obama presidency the croud again booed. Then, the worst part, a woman told McCain she cannot trust Obama, she's read about him and he's an Arab. McCain told her no, she was able to say "No??" before McCain grabbed the microphone out of her hand and said no a few more times. All of this is in the video:

I have two things to say to this woman
1. If you're going to meet a presidential candidate, comb your f***ing hair!
2. STOP WATCHING FOX NEWS! The "news" reported on Fox News is twisted by the reporters in order to push their own agenda and is very rarely truthful. They like to call Obama an Arab and "accidentally" call him Osama. They have obviously forgotten the drama created by Obama's CHRISTIAN pastor looking for his 15 minutes of fame 6 months ago. That pastor was a poopoohead, but regardless, he is a Christian, and so is Obama. I do think McCain could have said more than no a few times to set that lady and the crowd straight, but at this point people watching Fox News is the only thing going for McCain, even if it is a barrel of lies. Now, I realize I could be being lied to on the news programs I watch, but they are well hidden lies and not blatant lies.

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