Tuesday, October 21, 2008

poor puppy... another seizure

Spunky has now had three seizures, that I know of. She may have had others while I was not at home, but I know for a fact she has had three. Tonight was the worst one being that it was longer than the others and ended with the poor girl taking a big dump on the floor. I brought her to the vet while she was still having the first seizure and spent a lot of money for them to tell me there was nothing they could do. I should just watch to see if she has any more. Well, the second one was in the middle of the night a month later. Both occurred the day after coming back home after visiting my parents. I have not brought Spunky to my parents in over a month, so I don't think that anything there was causing the seizures even though that's what we thought it was before. Now I know we were wrong, but I am therefore still completely baffled as to what is causing these seizures. And I don't think that there is anything I can do to help her. Because they are not happening very often (thank goodness) I don't think that she needs to be on anti-epileptic medicine, which induces seizures if you forget to give the dog the medicine (and I'm a medicine forgettor). The best article I've seen about seizures (and specifically in beagles) says that you should just comfort the puppy during the seizure and pet them, soothing words, etc. This is by far the cheapest option (which I am in course in favor of) but also the scariest because these seizures are some of the scariest things I've seen. The look in puppy's eyes scream "MOMMY HELP ME" and "I'M SCARED" and "MAKE IT BETTER" and there is nothing I can do. But also, she recovers fairly quickly, after the 10 min seizure today, she sat in her cage for 10 min (her safety zone), I pet her and she came out and ran around wagging her tail. Apparently beagles (as well as poodles, german shepherds, and belgian shepherds) are more often afflicted with epilespy than the other breeds of dog.

the moral of my story, buy a mutt. the cross breeding causes less problems. i think my future puppies will be beagle mutts, but mutts all the same. spunky is so cute and good, I am in love with beagles. my poor baby.

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Chris said...

Dogs are special, sorry to hear about your little pup's problems.