Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the lifestyles of the workaholic

I am exhausted. I am not really sleeping at night anymore, going over and over in my head all the different experiments I need to do in order to write my thesis. Not to mention the fear I now have of giant spiders being in my bed. I am currently feeling like I'm being pulled in more directions than I can handle, with experiments looming, thesis writing not getting done, house hunting being too much fun, and missing my family too much. I want to go and have a weekend in the Fort, my nephew has freckles on his little nose I have not yet seen. Right now I feel like I cannot take any time off, Thanksgiving and Christmas are just holidays that I will have to skip this year. Hopefully my experiments will actually work out and I won't destroy anymore equipment, I need things to work out for my self esteem I think.

Maybe I'll have an accident like lucky Alexander Fleming and cure everything in the universe with my thesis.

Figure: Alexander Fleming was a lucky dog.
Not because he had the clap, but because of how he discovered penicillin.

If you don't know the story: Fleming had a petri dish of bacteria contaminated with a fungus. The bacteria did not grow near that fungus. Ding ding ding: Fungus is producing something that kills bacteria. PENICILLIN! Luck. Lots of it. Something that could never happen again, and certainly not for me. So, I will not wish for it, but man, that would be nice.

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