Monday, October 6, 2008

the puppy returns

I had to bring my puppykins to the vet this weekend to keep her in the kennel while i was among scientists and fiancekins was off killing a deer. They do not have Sunday pickup (a major problem that when I move will be a major selling point for my new vet), so I had to wait until this morning to go and pick her royal cuteness up. They open at 7:30, which means when I woke up at 6am, I remained awake, too excited to fall back asleep. Picking puppykins up from the vet is such a major ego boost for me because she drags the vet tech to me crying the entire way. My baby loves me! But what I really don't understand is that she is now very very dirty and stinks to high heaven. And as soon as this blog is posted she will be getting a bath. When at home, she is always soft, and people always marvel at how much she feels like a puppy despite being almost 4. For some reason, the vet kennel creates a dirty dog. I hope I don't have to bring her there ever again, and the kennel I bring her to in indy will be so much better. And more expensive, but I should be able to afford it then!

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