Wednesday, October 8, 2008

liquid nitrogen

Being that I do sciencey type things on a daily basis, I get the joy of playing with liquid nitrogen on occasion. Today is one of those days. I believe the temperature of lN2 is -90 oC, or really freaking cold. So cold that the evaporation of it leads to a smokey effect that spills over the dewar (a fancy container that can handle how cold lN2 is) onto the floor. And then, once the lN2 is settled, the smokey effect remains inside said container, sort of like swimming smoke waves. And this makes me marvel at how pretty science and the universe is. When you stop and look, it's awesome.

Figure: Pouring liquid nitrogen also leads to the fancy smokey effect, though bare hand that close to lN2 = frozen fingers. DO NOT RECOMMEND.

Hopefully the beautiful lN2 makes for a beautiful experiment that works perfectly!

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