Friday, October 3, 2008

ultracentrifuge drama continues

The ultracentrifuge fixit man is here today, and brought a sales rep with him since it's obvious that after a centrifuge explodes, you need a new one. They are currently trying to convince my boss and the PI next door to purchase 4 rotors in order to get a free ultra. Now, that is a fantastic deal, but considering an ultra is about $60,000 (to my knowledge), can you imagine what 4 rotors would be? I thought that a rotor was about $5000, it's probably more like $15,000 or more, if they offer for you to buy 4 and get a FREE ultra. I will say that I would much rather these bosses of ours buy a new one, because the one that I destroyed was obtained by our lab used. Used ultras are probably not the greatest plan, but they are so so so expensive sometimes that's the only way to get one.

And I had a new thought. I love "sex and the city", and i can compare this experience with something from the movie:

Carrie Bradshaw: What makes you think something bad is gonna happen?
Charlotte York: Because! Nobody gets everything they want! Look at you, look at Miranda. You're good people and you two both got shafted. I'm so happy and... something bad is going to happen.
Carrie Bradshaw: Sweetie, you shit your pants this year. I think you're done.

So, here's hoping that the centrifuge destriction compares to charlotte shitting her pants and that now i'm done.

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