Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why I Baracked the Vote

In no particular order....
  1. End the war in Iraq. Obama wants to end the war in Iraq and focus on Afganistan, McCain thinks we will have victory in Iraq. I recently saw a report that Al Qaeda wants McCain to win the presidency because he will not end the war and continue exhausting America's resources, Al Qaeda's goal being that America will have nothing left. Not to mention, not spending $10 billion a month in Iraq frees up a lot of money to spend here.
  2. Health insurance for everyone. Giving everyone the opportunity to keep the health insurance they have or access the government employee insurance plan. And if you still don't want health insurance, you don't have to have it. And stopping health insurance companies from refusing to pay medical bills because of preexisting conditions.
  3. Taxcuts for the middle class (people who make less than $250,000 a year). Basically, Obama wants to have the tax plan that was in effect during Clinton's presidency, when our nation did not have a deficit. Giving tax breaks to the giant companies hasn't worked for eight years, why would it work another four?
  4. Education. Attempting to make college more available but also trying to improve the education system starting at kindergarten. Every child is different and individual improvements every year is not leaving a child behind. A successful school year for a child is one when a seventh grader with a third grade reading level improved to a fifth grade reading level. It is sad that the child went 4 years without improving, but finally improving means something. It means a good teacher, a good program for learning, and even though this child might not pass the standardized test, the child improved. Education should be based on each child's improvement every year, not what the government has decided all children should do every year. Improvement is what counts for each individual child.
  5. Equal pay for equal work. Biochemists make less money than organic chemists. Why? Because more women are biochemists than organic chemists. According to John McCain women just need more education and training to make the same money as a man. I've been in college for 10 years. Do I need more education and training???? 10 years, I think I'm done. And yet, my pay will be less because despite everything that happened in the 60s, women still do not make as much as men. I believe that Obama will do his best to close that gap.

And lastly: Sarah Palin. This woman, diva, whack-job, whatever you want to call her, might just be worse than W. She is a working mom, yes, but otherwise is against everything I as a woman stand for. Her being in charge could reverse the 60s. Betty Freidan never recognized the 'problem with no name' and bras were never burned. Honestly, she disgusts me, seeing her picture literally makes me sick to my stomach, I get a vomit taste in my mouth whenever I hear her talking. If John McCain wins this election and dies, I will be in Canada if anyone needs me.

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