Thursday, October 30, 2008

new house!?

Well, yesterday I think we found our new house. It is a beautiful house with laminate hardwood flooring in the living room and hallways and bedrooms. New ceramic tiles in the kitchen and foyer. Cathedral ceiling. LOTS of counter space in the kitchen and brand new stainless steel appliances. And eat in kitchen with big windows that look out over the backyard. And there's a patio door going out onto the wonderful new deck. The backyard will be fenced in. The view from the kitchen, deck, backyard, and master bedroom is looking over a pond and trees, there is a walking path around the pond, and there is a neighborhood park at the end of the pond. And even though the house is fairly close to highway 37, you cannot hear it. You can only hear the birds and bees. So beautiful. The whole house is beautiful! And the price is right. I really think that if we have to resell it, it will be fairly easy to resell just because it is so nice and new. It was built in 2001. Oh, and it has a fireplace! Adam doesn't especially like the laminate hardwood floors in the bedrooms, but with my allergy problems, it's probably a good thing. And so much easier to clean. Spill something, wipe it up. Dog hair, wipe it up. Oh so fabulous.

And then I started thinking about area rugs. They are very expensive, but do add a lot of color to the room. Continuing with the thinking, I wonder if I could make one. I found a book about knitting rugs. Of course, I couldn't look at the book, but it has sparked a lot of curiosity in me. And it would be really neat to have a completely individual rug that I made and picked out exactly what colors I wanted.

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Beth said...

Congrats on the possible house and I think it would be awesome (and cheaper) to make your own rugs!