Monday, October 13, 2008

creepy crawlies

First, I will warn you, the following story made my labmates react by making pained faces and "EEEWWWW" sounds.

Last night, as we were getting ready for bed, puppy was sitting up looking into the living room. Puppy doesn't sit up and look anywhere. Bed means sleep for the next 12 hours. So, Adam had to get up and investigate what in the world our crazy dog was looking at. She went with him to investigate and was standing in the kitchen looking into the living room, GROWLING. Puppy growls when she has a toy in her mouth and you're trying to take it away, that's it. So now both of us are on edge, wondering what the heck is going on. We shut and lock the door to the bedroom and Adam gets his knife to sleep with it by the bed. So, obviously we are on edge and it's going to be difficult falling asleep. And then I felt a bug on my arm. Well, I pushed it off, turned on the light, and jumped up looking around for it to actually kill it. Adam proceeds to convince me that I was dreaming. So, lights back off, back to trying to sleep. When I was almost out, Adam yells for me to turn on the light, the bug was on him! So, we shake out all the covers and sheets, no bug. I'm now convinced that we're both crazy because we watched Bee Movie yesterday. I'll also add that now puppy wants to sleep and is not helping with the bug search, she's just giving us dirty looks for interrupting her beauty sleep. So, again, off with the lights. At this point I am super paranoid and am trying to sleep covering my ears and mouth so that this bug doesn't crawl into my face. I'd say it's been over and hour of us trying to sleep and freaking out instead. So, once again, Adam yells for me to turn on the light, the bug crawled across his face. In the light, we see this in our bed:

Needless to say, even though Adam was finally able to destroy this giant spider, neither one of us could fall asleep. I left the light on reading for at least 30 mins, trying to forget about the evil monster in our bed. Finally, we both fell asleep, but it was not good sleep.

In the lab today, I have been trying to do my experiments. They require fast hands before my protein is dead and I'm working with radioactivity so I cannot touch anything else. I have had the creepy crawlies all day long! My hair is tickling my face, my pant leg moved and I jumped to the celing. I am constatly scratching myself, feeling like something is crawling on me. My arms, my legs, my back. I'm losing my mind. And it's very difficult to work when all I want to do is scratch.

One other small story. There was a squirrel in the chemistry building yesterday, in our hallway. I have never been so glad that I didn't come into the lab as I was today when I found out there was a squirrel in the building. A teenage squirrel probably, certainly not full grown. Probably very very similar to the bastard squirrel that was in my parents house last year right before new years. Labmate called someone to come and take care of this animal in the building, but we do not know for absolute sure that the squirrel is out. If there is a squirrel in the building and it jumps out at me tonight, I will jump through the roof and leave, I don't think I could even care about my experiments at that point. Ever since that awful day of chasing that squirrel around my parents house, I am unable to look at a squirrel the same. They make me shudder. Gross me out. Almost as bad as spiders in my bed.



Beth said...

AHHHH! I would've woken up the whole neighborhood!

Fetchy said...

did you see what i found in my house???