Wednesday, December 17, 2008

another shoe

I cannot seem to help myself, but it turns out that my inspiration is shoes. A little distraction at looking at a shoe, and then I can get back to writing thesis. So, today's favorite shoe:

Jessica Simpson Delia in Pine Tree at $54.99. has it in Carbon for $49.99, but my being obsessed with colorful shoes means I love it in green.

And this will be the second shoe I've posted and not purchased, and I'm becoming more okay with this. I just like looking at a beautiful shoe. The Leve I did not purchase because not in my size, The Delia I will not purchase because I will be mad at myself if I spend that much on a shoe. If it was $30 it would be much more difficult to resist.

I am so excited for the day that I live in the same town as a DSW. Closing in two weeks! DSW here I come!

1 comment:

Kaco said...

i guess if i need a gift idea for you in the future i know what it is! colorful shoes!!