Sunday, December 14, 2008

a well needed break...

I have been hard at work on chapter 1 of my thesis today (aka, a review of the literature). After 6 hours, I have not gotten nearly as much done as I had hoped, and I am exhausted. This is the first day I've had coffee since Tuesday, and can I just say, OH SO delicious. I forced myself to drink tea to help get over the illness, and now that it is mostly gone, bring on the coffee!

I am currently surrounded by papers and binders, on the table, on the floor. There is a slight method to the madness, but the method keeps getting mixed up. I have three or four piles of mice deficient in different proteins, drug treated mice, cells deficient in proteins, 5 different diseases. This means about 10 piles. And I keep coming up with more needs for piles.

And when I don't know what else to say or I can't find a paper I'm looking for, I start to play with my hair. I found out today that my hair is long enough to be in a side ponytail. If I wanted to dress 80s, I could. Not after Friday when I'm getting my haircut (thank goodness), but now, bring on the 80s.

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