Friday, December 19, 2008

winter blows

well, the formatting person was out sick today, and there was a note on her desk to let me know, but the door was locked so that i could not see the note on her desk. reason 1 why winter blows, illnesses.
the ice storm that came through last night. while it was warm enough to melt everything here today, it was not warm enough to melt anything where the parental units are. which means they cannot come to graduation on sunday. which makes me somewhat sad. my aunt was hoping to come and is not going to either. it's much more important for them to be safe, and adam is here to come to graduation. Not to mention, I'm not done yet, so walking doesn't mean quite as much. So, I will tape graduation and show it to them when I go back next week. reason 2 why winter blows, having to cancel travel plans.

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