Sunday, December 21, 2008


today was the graduation ceremony. the other two times i graduated (high school and undergrad), i was done. i got my diploma right away and did not have to worry about anything else. graduating being not finished really makes graduation day not mean as much. it was neat because the three of us who started in the lab together that are still there walked together. my boss was busy hooding more than anyone else. and her husband loves taking pictures, so lots of photos were taken. so, now i'm back to writing. i need to have most everything written by jan 2 so that when we move on jan 3 i'm not flipping out. formatting pass jan 6. then i'll have two weeks to prepare my presentation and finish up the rest of the experiments that i need to do. rah rah rah!
when i'm done with this, i'm going to buy myself a massage.

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